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Ask & Answer Instantly through our one-stop Customized Online Consultation App. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, this App will underpin a lot. Provide a Patient-friendly Service & elevate your Hospital dignity level via underneath Features. For Comfortable / Convenient( Patient, Doctor ) Consult & Treatment enact this App.

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Secure Code

Our Apps are Bugs and Vulnerabilities Free & developed with high-end Code. Because we know the value of Data. Doubtless, It's Secured.

High-Level Authentication

We integrate #1 Multi-Factor Authentication in the App (i.e) OTP, Soft Token & also biometric authentication like Retina scan, Fingerprints.

Flutter SDK

Our App Stand-outs in Crowd with this Technology. It’s Simple Platform-Specific Logic Implementation. We implement It @right path.

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COVID-19 Availability

Patients are suffering for O2 Beds, Vaccines & the Availability information are delivered exactly to Patients. From Hospital Side a lot of Phone Calls, Ques. So, to tackle this situation we inbuilt this Feature. Through this Feature Patients are aware of availability & also they can Book.

Medication Tracker

With this stunning Feature, You can notify the outpatient or caregiver regarding intake of Medication and also Periodic Checkup with Timing, Date. This stimulates Loyalty & Humanity among your esteemed Patients. Utilize & Experience the Benefits.



This allows physicians and other medical practitioners to generate Digital Prescription with Seal & Sign in a well-structured way & this data is stored in Database for future reference. Nowadays handwritten are not Loved, so understand & implement It.

Some Astonishing Features
Never Expected

01. Video Chat

Video interactions are welcome, that too in the Hospital it’s Mandatory. So, Patients & Doctors can interact with Live Video through this App.

02. Medical Records

Patients' treatment history is much Important & they should be in the Accessible Range. Ya, these Features Achieve It in a Door-sealed Way.

03. Payment Gateway

You can initiate the Online Transactions & those Records are maintained in a Secured Way through this user-friendly Feature.


We In Touch With Future

Some Collar Lifting Words Of Us

We are in this Field for over a Decade & we integrate the Advanced Features & Technologies in Every Project. Well-familiarized Online Consultation App Development Company in Salem, our Professionals develop the Application as per Your Business Objectives & which Ranks #1 in App Store, Play Store. We are originated to offer what You're Required.

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